Secret Events

Check out our crazy clandestine events for 2019. First up is our secret Spy Run mission.


If you’re looking for a challenge or activity to do near you in London, look no further. Our series of secret events and challenges offer something for everyone. Whether it’s walking or running in London, or top secret challenges you’re after, take a look at our event selection and find the one for you.

No matter which you choose, you’re guaranteed a unique and exhilirating day out with friends and family.


“DeadDrop is frustratingly brilliant! I am a competitive runner, yet have never come higher than third place as I always get out-pointed by beginners! The ‘bonus point’ options are great fun and I should very much reconsider my tactics when playing!

My favourite run is the Beer Chase”

James Luce

“I was looking for an event near me in London and came across DeadDrop events. I’ve since taken part in 5 events and no two are the same. The team are so creative with their ideas that I can’t help but keep coming back for more!”

Chris Corby

“DeadDrop events are the perfect way for our family to spend time together. We all love a challenge and the added competitiveness always adds to the fun. We spend ages talking about it afterwards and thinking how we could have done better! I think this is what makes it so addictive as we always think of ways we could have improved!”

Sam Matchy And Nina Jacob

Coming Soon

Prosecco Dash

Bank Job

Diamond Heist

Zombie Run

Santa Run


Do I have to run?

No you don’t. We tend to get a 50:50 split of runners and non-runners. Those who are physically competitive tend to run in order to get to more places faster. Others are more tactically competitive and take it slow and steady.  They do say ‘slow and steady wins the race’ but whether that applies in DeadDrop…we’ll leave that for you to discover!

(Plus, we also reward the slowest team!)

What should I expect at a deaddrop event?

Having met the team at a secret city location, you’ll quickly be immersed into a world of gameplay, strategy and background theme. Your unforgettable 2 hour experience will take you through the city streets. Uncover clues, complete challenges, meet secret agents and compete with others for bonus points. It finishes with a “Mission Acomplished” social beer in the pub afterwards. It’s the perfect blend of competitive activity, brain-training and socialising!

What should I wear and bring?

We recommend you wear trainers. If you’re planning on jogging or running then sports clothing is best. Jeans are fine for fast-walkers.

We have a bag drop for small valuables. Most people prefer to bring a backpack to store extra clothing if the weather changes.  

HOw long does it last?

The challenge itself lasts around 2 hours, but we provide drinks in the pub afterwards. There is also an award ceremony (stick around to find out if you’ll be awarded bragging rights!) so allow 3 hours in total to allow for the social afterwards.

How many people per team?

We don’t have a fixed size, but the best teams have between 2-6 participants. If you have more than this we’d recommend you split your group into smaller teams to compete against each other. This means you can all get more involved. 

If you’re on your own we can either combine you with other solo runners (there are always plenty!) or you can go it alone, depending on your preference. We’re a friendly bunch so drop us a line in advance if you’d like us to find you a group to join. 


Are there prizes for the winners?

Yes, we award 1st, 2nd, 3rd….and last place prizes. The prizes vary by event due to the different themes but they’re worth sticking around for! 

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