About Us

The idea of DeadDrop came about when our founder was wondering what to do as alternative challenges to a traditional A to B run. Unique to every participant you’ll choose your own route. It is up to you to create your own plans and strategies to find the end destination.

As you take on our challenges under an iconic city backdrop you’ll journey into the unknown. Out-wit other teams, meet spies, avoid enemy agents and complete daring objectives. You’ll be rewarded for stepping outside your comfort zone with the internal thrill of the challenge and chase.


6 Years of Racing History

How We Got Started

Our Founder went to an “escape room” in London and loved it. On his evening run that same night he ran down London’s Southbank and saw super-cool places that he believed could be used in a similar way. He completed his run daydreaming about an outdoor version of an escape room and DeadDrop was born the very next day.

Our Founder

DeadDrop was Founded by the legendary pie-eating, obsessive runner Al Clark. 

Our First Race

Both great and terrible in the same sentence! We designed an intense 13 mile spy mission and drafted in former special forces/intelligence staff to run it with us. It was a baking hot day and the runners got lost during a counter surveillance phase. They ended up running 17 miles! We bought a lot of beer at the final RV that day… It was great fun though!

Our Partners

We love helping good causes with our challenges. We’ve raised thousands of pounds for various military charities (most of our team are former military) and local London-based charities.


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