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11 May 2019, London

What is DeadDrop?

DeadDrop is a cool portfolio of themed clue-based events – from Chocolate Runs, Zombie Chases to Beer Runs and Spy Missions! Walk, run or jog your way around the coolest sites in London and Birmingham, competing discreetly against others on the same mission.

Think ‘outdoor escape room’ but where you’re playing against other teams at the same time. Instead of unlocking padlocks and opening safes in a room, you will have to find secret agents and master challenges with your team across the city.  

We are the only running events company that rewards you for being slow! Whether you are looking for a 5k or 10k fun running event, just a great time with some exercise, or a great time with friends we have the event for you.

Cool Races

DeadDrop races are splattered throughout the year, there is always something fun & cool going on. From 5k-10k Spy races, Easter chocolate hunts and 10k Prosecco Dash’s, to 20k Special Forces Missions, we have it all!

Our competitors always return so we are sure that when you have sampled one of our running events you will return with your friends again and again.



DeadDrop events are a cross between a cool scavenger hunt and a 5k/10k road race. It’s best to participate in teams of 2-6 and the rules are pretty simple.


1. You WALK whatever you can’t RUN.


2. You bring a sense of humour and an attitude for fun!


3. We achieve together, and everyone is rewarded, after the fun run, with a completion Medal, Finishers Photo and Drink in the pub afterwards!


96% of DeadDrop participants return!

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